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Inked Streets & Co can be described as expedition of a bunch of rebels, who decided to bring solace into their lives with their undeniable passion for Words, Travel, Food, Music, Art and of course Fashion. Each one of them is fastened together by the love for their land. This platform speaks of a Home, where each one paints a different view of the same subject. Acceptance remains the primary idea. Every blog speaks volume on the ‘not to be talked’ element here. The fashion apparels merge the ethnicity of this vibrant land with the westernization of comfort wear. The organic approach to any notion retains the vibe of Inked Streets & Co. We, here welcome all who have a story to tell, all who have decided to swim against the flow; with an affirmed wave of Positivity. Inked Streets & Co is much more than a Blogging site, or an Online Store.

It is a Journey;

Of Ink and Paper,

Of Black & Whites and a Spectrum of Grey.

Of Passion and Zeal

Of Never Ending Album of Memories.


Rudra Deka (RD)

Founder & CEO, Inked Streets & Co

the vogue edition

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